37 Ft Yacht Boat Perfect for cruising or fishing with a group!

AED 600 per adult
AED 600 per child

37 Ft Yacht Boat Perfect for cruising or fishing with a group!


    Durations :                      Minimum 2 Hours ( Recommended 4 Hours or more)

    Days Of Operations :    7 days a week

    Age Constraint:              No age limit

    Timings:                           Day and Night any time that suits you 

    Exclusions :                     Gratuties are optional 


Bring along several friends and climb aboard our gleaming 37-foot yacht! This sport fishing boat features swift speeds and an eye-catching design. A front deck area, a rear deck, and plenty of cabin windows allow for a splendid view no matter where you are on the boat. We provide plenty of supplies, and you can make special requests before taking your cruise or fishing trip.

Tour company description

    Relax on board and enjoy the fresh winds and incredible beauty of the Dubai Sea. Along the cruise route, you will pass The World, a group of artificial islands designed to create a world map among the waves. Next to the World Islands is the Palm Jumeirah, a manmade island shaped like a palm tree with luxury homes and long stretches of sandy beach along its fronds. Note the curving tower of the Burj Al Arab, one of the world’s most luxurious hotels. You can also snap a photo or two of the Atlantis the Palm, a magnificent resort with multiple towers and a distinctive archway.

    Dimensions and Accommodations
    This particular yacht 37 feet long with twin 250 horsepower, 4-stroke engines. The entire cabin is air-conditioned and includes a saloon, a kitchen, a toilet, and two bedrooms. The boat is spacious enough for 10 guests, your captain, and a crew member.



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